Q: What do you see when a message comes through?

The messages vary. They can come through a clear vision of a spirit or feeling. They are as varied as we are. Sometimes they come through like their earth-bound personalities. They do this through their conversation, adornment, or particular symbolism to be identified by you. 

Q: What is a small group session like?

Check out an article that a New Jersey paper wrote about Alaine working with a small group.  Click here to see the article.

Want to know more about sessions and who is drawn to Alaine's work?

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Q: Can you get a message that is for someone else?

Yes! Perhaps it is intended for you to relay the message. Maybe they weren't ready to receive it themselves. Sharing these messages, if appropriate, has had miraculous effects on bringing family together. The messages are a catalyst for forgotten memories of love and familiarity.

Q: Are there regrets from those who have passed on?

Not so far. It may just be a human condition, because we may still have choice to change our thoughts while we are here. Spirits can see our grief, but not feel it. Perhaps this is why they come back to let you know they are fine and there is no need to grieve any longer. They see us more than we realize.

Q: Why do you hold a meditation beforehand?

Meditation provides multiple experiences. It reminds us that any day is holy if we honor it as such. It provides an opportunity to learn the paths into meditation. Every meditation is different, simply because we are always changing ourselves. It assists you in dropping the over-active mind, and then connecting with your sacred heart. In turn, you become connected to your own intuitiveness. Participants have expressed gratitude to take this time to contemplate family. So many intimate relationships have been scattered across the globe and heavens. These meditations allow us to re-connect to all living things. Many of your power animals (in spirit) attend the sessions as well.