I just wanted to thank you for sharing your gift with us the other night, and to tell you how much it meant to have experienced this unusual communication. For me, personally, if I had to choose one word to describe how I felt afterward I would say "love". The reading showed me that love truly is everywhere, and not only does love never die, love can reach between the two worlds between people who never met. "Meeting" my mother-in-law has been a fantasy of mine since I first fell in love with my husband 45 years ago. The words she spoke to me, through you, made me feel so connected to her. And yes, loved. What a beautiful awareness this is!

My daughter-in-law called the reading "life changing". You have freed her of the guilt she has struggled with since her miscarriage, and she was so comforted knowing her grandmother is watching over her.
~Deb 2018

I know that you are in demand and incredibly busy but I just wanted to say how game changing you are to me.  I had a much better day of work and hopefully will again today because of our Skype session the other night.
It really truly is a big deal Alaine and your affects on me with counseling and spiritual help has been one of the best parts of my life.
So this is just a morning note to say thank you and please know that I have deep gratitude for everything that you have done for me.    ~Nicole


I just finished reading Mrs. Alaine Portner's book, "Medium Memoirs" and all I can say is "WOW!" I couldn't put it down after the 3rd chapter which allowed my beliefs to be validated throughout the book that our loved ones never really leave us but communicate differently (change is difficult)! Thank you Alaine for sharing your gift with the readers/sitters by interjecting your playful humor, ability to translate and share communications from our loved ones, while contributing your personal experiences throughout this book. I shook the hand of Alaine this year on Easter Morning 2017 at a meditation session at the beach in Naples, Florida. For the first time in my life, I was able to successfully meditate! She is a gifted teacher and I look forward to her next book to transform my human flaws into hope, love, and inner peace! ~Debbie, Naples, FL

I can not thank you enough for the Peace-ster celebration, (BeachEaster Meditation),  It was a very powerful hour for me.  Thank you. 

Alaine finds it very gratifying when people take the time to write her after a reading. The gratitude and power of their words reaffirms how important this work is.  Below are just a few excepts from the many letters and emails Alaine has received over the years.


"I can't even begin to thank you so much.  I can't wait to see you again."   ~Eric


"Thank you for the retreat, you did an amazing job.  More than that, thank you for being courageous and offering this world the healing we need.  Your wisdom and confidence comes through your eyes.  Thank you for everything you taught me.  I can't wait to read your book."  ~Niki


"Thank you Alaine.  For some reason, I draw a blank during a reading not realizing the obvious!  Glad I taped the session and understood more later on!  My daughter did find feathers today also!"  ~Kelly


"Thank you so much for your energy and love!"  ~Veronica


"Alaine!  Thank you so very much!  I loved it, I love you!  That was absolutely amazing.  Thank you, thank you.  I can't wait to listen to it again!"  ~Jon

"What an amazing evening last night was!  You’re truly an inspiration, and you clearly touch so many lives in such healing ways."

"The messages that you share are nothing less than phenomenal… what an incredible GIFT to give people…Wow!"

"My session was a spiritually enlightening experience. Alaine has helped me to come to peace with a serious life changing opportunity."

"I especially appreciate your sense of humor and playfulness. You create an environment that puts people at ease. The world needs more souls like you that can comfort and bring peace."

"Thank you for the peace you brought to my life today."


"Thank you for sharing your gift with me and now my husband. You have changed so much of my life in so many positive ways" Liz, Florida

Mindfulness Classes

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the mindfulness series.  Going in I wasn’t sure what to expect so I only signed up for the first class. After it ended, I enrolled in the remaining classes. I am very glad I did.  I would like to see more opportunities like this one offered at Players Club.” - Holli